Inspired By Lisa Marie

 Up-level Your Creative Lifestyle in two ways!

I am an Artist and Creative Experience Cultivator

“Omigoodness Lisa Marie, we are never going to want to go home!”

– Sarah, Dec 2022

Free yourself from stress. Explore self care. Nourish your mind. Grow and Meet new people.
Deepen group bonds. Expand the breadth of possibility. Open up and breathe.

self care

Find New Ways to Connect

Explore more on your creative journey together.
Be empowered to inject more opportunities for
self care, relaxation and mental nourishment.

kids art

Stick Figure to Fabulous
Art Membership

A simple way to improve your art skills. My emphasis is on busy moms who want to find ways to make more time for art. This may be on their own, with their kids, creating an online art business or giving back in what I like to think of as the joyful ripple effect in your community. Your passion can come alive in this community of like-minded friends.